Boho Dresses for Women

If you are a real Boho Goddess, you cannot go without at least one of these beautiful bohemian beach style dresses from our large choice of boho dresses! 

Made for the true bohemian style lovers, these bohemian dresses are made for you!

Boho Lace Tulle Maxi Dress

$42.95 $109.95

Boho Floral Print Dress- 3 Colors

$42.95 $54.95

Boho Vintage Floral Print White Mini Dress

$39.95 $59.95

Long Summer Sundress

$39.95 $54.95

Sleeveless Lace Summer White Mini Dress

$29.95 $38.95

Savanna Long Sleeve Crochet Lace White Party Dress

$27.90 $44.90

Boho Lace White Maxi Dress

$44.99 $94.90

Spaghetti Straps Beach Summer Dress Many Colors

$27.90 $39.90

Malvina Mini Dress: Butterfly and Bird Print, Sleeveless

$22.90 $34.90

V-neck Floral Print Ethnic Retro Hippie Maxi Cotton Dress...

$29.90 $39.90

Carolina Chiffon Backless Boho Beach Maxi Dress

$24.90 $29.90

Lace Tassel Beach Cover Up, Mini Dress, Tunic

$19.90 $29.90

Crochet Mini Dress, Beach Cover Up, Beachwear

$19.90 $24.90

Lolita Lace Floral Crochet Bohemian Mini Dress

$24.90 $41.90

Mirabella Vintage Ruffles Sleeveless Bow Boho Cotton Dress

$29.90 $41.99

Izabella Floral Maxi Party Dress Plus Sizes

$24.90 $29.90

Daria Short Sleeve Boho Mini Dress

$19.90 $25.99

Merediana green floral v-neck short sleeve maxi dress

$39.90 $54.90

Nefertiti Wrap Scarf Print Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

$32.90 $39.99

Chiffon Printed Long Sleeve Belted Loose Maxi Dress

$34.90 $49.99

Romania Sleeveless Loose Ankle-length Cotton Dress

$27.90 $34.90

Adriana Porcelain Style Print V-neck Short Sleeve Midi Loose...

$19.90 $24.90

Deep V Neck Dashiki Print Tunic Beach Dress

$22.90 $29.90

Esmeralda vintage floral print long sleeve maxi dress

$29.90 $39.90

Loose Floral Boho Maxi Dress

$39.90 $59.90

Genevieve Floral Loose Bohemian Maxi Dress

$29.99 $37.99

Floral Bandage Strapless Off Shoulder Tube Dress

$24.90 $37.90

Strapless Plaid MultiColor Cascading Midi Beach Dress

$48.95 $70.99

Goddess Off Shoulder Robe Maxi Dress

$29.90 $39.90

Summer Boho Sleeveless Loose Plus Size Dress

$24.90 $29.99

Cocoa Mini Dress: Halter Neck, Geometric Print, Beach Wear...

$22.90 $34.90

June Mini Dress - Boho Style Beach and Party...

$24.90 $29.90

rayon floral print beach Gypsy mini dress

$39.90 $49.90

Mahatma Gypsy Floral Halter 2-Way Beachwear: Skirt and Dress...

$24.90 $34.90

Strapless Bohemian Floral Maxi Dress

$27.90 $39.90

Solid Tank Long Sleeve Beach Maxi Dress

$29.90 $34.90

V-Neck Button Down Mini Cotton Dress Army Green Color...

$24.90 $32.90

Stripe Party Beach Dress

$22.90 $29.90

Spaghetti Strap Floral V Neck Maxi Dress

$24.90 $30.99

Half Sleeve Buttons V Neck, Slim Pocket Shirt Cotton...

$39.90 $69.90

Bohemian Long Sleeve Printed Split Hem Maxi Kaftan Dress...

$24.90 $29.90

Party Beach Floral Mini Boho Dress

$21.90 $34.90

V-Neck Leopard Flare Sleeve Party Wrap Mini Dress

$29.90 $39.90

Arcadia Maxi Dress: Floral, Beach Party Wear

$24.90 $39.90


What would a bohemian's wardrobe be without one or more bohemian dresses? Since the 70's and the Flower Power movement of the hippies 🌸, this garment has become an essential part of the bohemian style. Over time, this timeless and timeless piece has seduced us while remaining in the spirit of the times.

The bohemian dress is ample, fluid and vaporous in order to guarantee you total freedom of movement. 🌻 It can be worn on holidays at the beach, on weekends in the country, in the evening in the city and even during the week to go to the office. You will have understood it, we stop reserving our beautiful dresses for the summer or special occasions and offer them a place of choice in our everyday wardrobe.


The Bohemian Dress you need is on Bohemian Style Boutique.

Tired of those dull, tasteless dresses you find in stores? Discover Bohemian Style Boutique, THE reference for Hippie Chic Bohemian style dresses worldwide.

It's no surprise that a lot of women adopt bohemian fashion. With their white style in lace-like a princess, or colorful and flowery to evoke summer, bohemian dresses have been timeless and trendy for more than 10 years.

At Bohemian Style Boutique, we offer you the best in bohemian fashion at a price that won't break your wallet. There are lots of reasons to choose our bohemian dresses:

Comfortable with loose-fitting, quality clothing, but still showcases your feminine form.
Cheerful with colorful, floral or white princess lace style designs. Our dresses bring out your softness while keeping a sexy side that men love.
Our bohemian dresses will accompany you on all occasions.

In winter with warmer fabrics such as suede or double cotton to recall spring and bring back the sun.

In summer to bring out your curves all while staying in an airy dress that keeps you fresh.

At your best friend's bohemian wedding, boho weddings are becoming more and more successful.

At your chic party to be the queen of the night with sexy lace fabrics that all your girlfriends will envy.

You have understood it at Bohemian Style Boutique, you will undoubtedly find the perfect dress for you, so we wish you all a great shopping.


Nowadays, the bohemian dress comes in a multitude of cuts, materials, and prints. Whatever your morphology, you will inevitably find the type of dress that suits you. 👗 The empire cut is ideal for large sizes, it highlights the chest while harmonizing the curves of the hips. Conversely, the wallet dress will mark the waist of a slim silhouette and thus underline its femininity. You will also find vintage dresses, tunic dresses, shirt dresses... There is something for every taste and for every woman.

Are you looking for a pretty boho summer dress?☀️ Let yourself be seduced by our short bohemian dresses and their flower print. For a relaxed summer look, bet everything on a floral maxi dress that will allow you to go directly from the beach to the bar without any headache.

In winter, bohemian fashion hasn't said its last word and allows itself to thumb its nose at the cold by offering us the thick knitted sweater dress, to the delight of the cold winter girls ❄️! For mid-season, we warm up the outfit by adding a leather or denim jacket, a long kimono or a wool cardigan.


For a wedding or a formal occasion, we adopt without reservation the bohemian chic style with a short lace dress or a beautiful white dress decorated with embroidery. For a chic evening, let your femininity express itself in a bohemian long dress with a pretty bareback. 🌼

The boho dress, mini, midi or maxi, can be combined with many shoes. For a hippie-chic look, we think of spartan or other flat shoes. For a more rock'n'roll style, choose a nice pair of black boots. The most daring will even allow themselves a slight streetwear outfit with a pair of sneakers. Of course, jewelry and accessories are not to be neglected to create a bohemian look of the most beautiful effect! Hats 👒, scarves, sunglasses, handbag... You can have fun without overdoing it.